A silly little retro shoot ‘em up game!

Evil space devils are invading Earth through a strange inter-dimensional tube. Get in and blast away as many of the devils as you can. You have three lives until it’s GAME OVER. Over time, the devils get faster until the game-play starts to get chaotic.


Use the [UP], [DOWN], [LEFT], and [RIGHT] buttons to aim the cross-hair.

[X] or [Keyboard X] Fires your weapon. (Be careful with your shots as it takes a short time to reload your weapon.)


The farther away the devils are, the more points you get. So, the quicker you are the more points you get.

FAR – 125pts

MIDDLE – 100pts

CLOSE – 75pts


Try moving diagonally whenever possible, your cross-hair moves faster this way.

Try to hit the devils on the very edge, in later stages of the game you won’t have time to aim in the direct center.

If you press the start button on the title screen when the cross-hair is over the devil, you start the game with 75 bonus points.

Can you beat my score of 19,250?

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