My Sweet Mavis is a ferret simulation/virtual pet game.


Once the game loads, you will be on the title page. Press the X button (Keyboard X) to start the game.

The game will begin with Mavis asleep for a short time, she will look like a fuzzy donut when she's asleep. In the sleep state, Mavis' health, happiness, etc. will not diminish.

When Mavis awakens, she will be ready to be interacted with. You can use the X button (Keyboard X) to use a selected option and the O button (Keyboard Z) to change the selected option. There are three modes of interaction you can use:

PLAY) Represented by a heart icon - using this will bring out a cat teaser toy and Mavis will play with it. Doing this will boost Mavis' happiness meter.

FEED) Represented by a fish icon - using this will fill up Mavis' food bowl. If you let her food bowl get too low she will become hungry and will have her health diminish.

CLEAN) Represented by a shovel icon - using this will clean up any poo that Mavis creates. Having poo makes a dirty play environment and will make Mavis' health diminish.

If you let the health meter drain completely, Mavis will leave you for a much more competent hooman and will leave several poos as a going away present for you. To restart the game once this happens, press the X button or X key on the keyboard.


At the top of the screen is the health meter, it is represented by a bar between a broken heart and an intact heart. The closer the bar is to the intact heart, the healthier Mavis is. Neglecting FOOD, PLAY, and CLEANING will cause the health meter to go down.

Below the dotted line is the TIME and DATE stats. Time is in HOUR:MINUTE format and date is in MONTH/DAY format.

Below the time icon is the HAPPINESS icon. When Mavis is happy, it will be :) when Mavis is content it will be :| when Mavis is upset it will be :( .

In the bottom left of the screen is the selected option. It cycles between PLAY, FEED, and CLEAN.


If you play during the month of October, Mavis will be dressed up as a skeleton on the main menu.

You can use the UP button or keyboard key UP to change the background color.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorT. J. Stoker
Made withPICO-8
TagsAnimals, Cute, ferret, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Virtual Pet
Average sessionA few minutes

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